Who are UpmyCart?

Good afternoon. We are glad to see with us. Idea inspirer of this whole business - Kucher Stanislav.

I am writing personally from myself. With CS-Cart in varying degrees I work with 2010 ready. The first version with which I encountered was 2.2.4.

Key Workings are CS-Cart + SEO Promotion. In our team, now for 2021 - 6 specialists.

Beckend Programmer, 2 Frontend Specialist, SEO Specialist and Specialist on setting up CS-Cart and Modules.

Part of our projects and improvements are on the site. We have very extensive experience in paid modules. One way or another rules or set up half of all modules that are on the marketer.

Blinder of great experience always offer an optimal price solution for you.

Write to Telegrams - @Upmycart, and contacts on the site. All good.