Castomization Basket and Checkout

Table of contents
  1. Castomization basket in the online store Limonad
  2. Desktop version
  3. Mobile version
  4. Customization check-out in Limonad online store
  5. Desktop version
  6. Mobile version

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Castomization basket in the online store Limonad

This Pop-Up is displayed when you press the "Buy" button, as well as, respectively, when clicking on the basket icon. Made for user convenience with many modifications:

  • You can quickly change the amount of goods, as well as delete goods from the basket.
  • Also in the pop-up window displays a notification of the available amount of goods when the buyer is trying to add to the basket the amount of items are more available available.
  • Pop-Up closes when clicking / taping in any free (black) area, it is not necessary to click on the cross to close the window.
  • A convenient scroller of goods has been added, which allows you to view the contents of the basket with a large number of goods added.

Desktop version

Mobile version

Customization check-out in Limonad online store

The completed order design page (checkout) under the theme and design of the site with many modifications:

  • The rejoiced fallout for new mail and Ukrposhta, with the work of the department. Removed departments cards and customization of the list of compartment list is made for faster loading and work.
  • Delivery information is displayed immediately after the options, i.e. Delivery information is displayed when delivering
  • The output of the elements of the audit check in two columns to improve usability in the desktop version. Information about the order amount, discount, bonus points is always before the buyer's eyes.
  • The fixed right unit in the desktop version, for the convenience of the buyer

Desktop version

Mobile version

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